Welcome to Dacture! This is our Alpha release, so please excuse any bugs. Please contact us with any feedback. Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can request that we add a new data source for you. Complete the form at https://dacture.com/request-a-source. You can request open source data sets and paid data sets. Open source data sets are easier for us to add, but we will certainly try to bring on paid data sets where it makes sense.

Factors for how we prioritize new data source requests are

  • When was the request made
  • How large and/or complex is the data set
  • How often has the data set been requested
That depends on the data set. If the data source is census data that is only updated every four years, we don’t refresh that data often. If the data source changes often, like sports or finance data, we update more frequently. At this time we don’t commit to specific frequency for those data sets, but we try to make sure they are up-to-date.
Telling us what features you’d like us to include helps us make a product that meets your needs. You can request a feature by following this link.
Yes, please share! Feel free to use/share your data visualizations wherever you need. For free accounts we have a stamp indicating where the visualization was created.
The parts we can talk about publicly are R and Plotly.

  • R is a programming language that specializes in data visualization and statistical modeling.
  • Plotly provides an open source graphing library specifically for R (and more, but that’s what we use).
Absolutely. Not every task/analysis requires you to perform a regression or build a predictive model. Just select your data and build your chart. Please see Using Dacture for more information.
There are a ton of resources available for you to explore if you’d like to learn more.

  • Dacture aims to provide an abstraction layer between knowing what you want to create and knowing how to code it. That said, if you want to get to the point where you’re doing custom code or want to become a power user, we suggest starting with R Education. Dacture provides you the environment already, so you can skip some portions.
  • If you want to understand the basics of regression, predictive modeling, and other concepts,
    wikipedia is a reasonable place to start.
  • But regression, predictive modeling, etc isn’t available on Dacture.com… No, but we’re working
    on it.