Welcome to Dacture! This is our Alpha release, so please excuse any bugs. Please contact us with any feedback. Thanks!

Introducing Dacture

Today, we’re introducing Dacture, a data and analytics platform. The product is in an Alpha phase, and we’ll continue to introduce new features, refine existing functionality, and make improvements.

Why use Dacture

Our goal is to bring vetted open data sources that are clean and ready to use, to a single place. You can search for a data source from our repository and suggest new data sources. Access to these open data sources is free. Just create an account, and start working on data visualizations based on the data source you choose.

Here’s a data visualization we created with one of our open data sets. This is just intended to give you an example of one type of thing you can create with the alpha offering. We have a lot more coming.

What to Expect

Right now the visualization and data source options are limited. We have several data visualizations options that are launching soon, and we’ll continue to add data sources. If there is something you would like us to add, please let us know using the Contact Us or Support form. As we have new visualization and data options available, we’ll move them to production, so you can use them as soon as they’re ready.

Other Features

We have some additional features that we’re already working on in the short term. Feel free to suggest other features. The features under development now:

  • Filtering data to better target what you want to see
  • Customizing color options for your visualizations
  • Additional visualization options
  • Bring your own data