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With Dacture, you can…

Find the data you need

Bringing open data sources to a single place. No more hunting for a data source and needing to figure out an API or how to manage the data.

Build impactful visualization

Providing you interesting data visualizations options that are easy for your audience to interpret.

Analyze and share your data

Enabling you to easily upload your datasets and invite other users to work with the data. Visualize and model the data just like the open data sources.

Build no-code models

Empowering you to go a step further with your data. Intuitively build data models that with confidence without writing any code.

Have confidence when working with data

We believe that data visualization and data modeling should be accessible and straightforward for everybody. Data science is becoming an increasing part of life for so many professions and areas of studies. Dacture offers intuitive no-code visualization and data modeling options that address the needs of the most common use cases, allowing you to spend time on what really matters – learning from the data.

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Plenty of sources. Thousands of options.
Visualizing data sets made easy.

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