Making everybody
a data scientist

Perform complex analyses and create stunning visualizations—without a single line of code! Use our statistical modeling and machine learning tools to create no-code models.

Easily learn from your data

  • Use Dacture’s Data Explorer to see relationships and determine where you want to dive in further.
  • Predict an outcome based on your data with Dacture’s supervised learning models. We’ll choose the best performing model based on your selections.
  • Discover the impact that variables have on an outcome with Dacture’s statistical modeling tool.

Spend your energy on setting a strategy, not waiting for answers to your questions

Questions Like:

  • A product manager or customer success manager asking:
    • What is really driving customer retention? Is it features? Product reliability? Interactions with your the company?
  • Human resources or hiring managers asking:
    • Which employees are at risk for leaving? Make a plan keep your best staff before they’re giving their notice.

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